Dream of: 19 September 2004 "Negligence Cases"

I was visiting Wheat in his upper-story office in Dallas, an office which I had never seen. Wheat (about 50 years old) was sitting at a desk and I sat down across from him. I started talking with him about his cases. I was thinking about practicing law again and I thought perhaps he had some cases he wanted to dispose of. I asked if he had any criminal cases, and he said that he had two, but that he intended to give them to another lawyer who needed some work and who handled criminal cases, but who was having a hard time finding work. I thought to myself that criminal appointments were easy to find, and I wondered why the other lawyer would be having problems finding cases.

Wheat handed me the two criminal case files. I wondered whether they were white-collar crimes. As it turned out, the first case was indeed a white-collar theft case. The second case also appeared to be a theft case.

I asked Wheat about his other cases. He seemed disengaged, only marginally responding to me. He said he was doing mostly immigration cases. I wondered if he were still working on the same cases he had worked on years ago.

I asked him if he had any cases going to trial -- trial-work interested me more than anything -- and finally I asked him if he had any "accident" cases. I almost said "negligence" cases, which would have been the more proper legal word, but I said "accident" instead. He seemed unsure whether he had any.

I stood up and walked out into the hall. Several other offices, lined up and down the hallway, didn't have walls or doors -- all offices were simply lined along the spacious carpeted hallway, with the desks and chairs in plain view. 

One office sported a glass display case containing 15-20 antique statues of warriors and men on horses, each statue 30-40 centimeters tall. I liked the statues, and I liked the way the offices were set-up with no walls.

Another office also displayed several glassed-in statues. One (about a meter tall) looked ancient. It appeared to depict a woman and was sculpted from worn brown stone. I wondered if weather and water had worn away the stone over the years. 

I returned to Wheat's office and found him asleep in his chair. On the desk in front of him lay a photo album, opened to a page displaying several photos of a thin black-haired nude woman. Had Wheat been looking at this? The woman was covering herself with her hands so not much could be seen. I picked up the album and flipped through it, but saw no more nude pictures, only normal family pictures.

I called Wheat's name, but he didn't awaken. So I shook him, and he awoke in a start. He opened his eyes and looked at me as if he didn't know who I was. I told him that it was almost 12 o'clock and that we needed to get busy; but he just drifted away.

Carolina had been with me when I had first arrived; but she had left and I was supposed to pick her up. I picked up a phone and called her. She answered and began talking. She seemed to be sitting on a commode and experiencing some kind of female problem. She said she couldn't talk right now, but would speak with me later. 

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