Dream of: 16 September 2004 "Trust Fund"

I walked into a tenebrous basement bar, looking for my mother, whom I saw sitting at a corner table with my father. She looked about 40 years old, was slim and had dark black hair. As soon as I entered she stood and stumbled around. Obviously intoxicated on alcohol, she sat back down in a different seat at the corner table, still close to my father, who continued sitting at the corner table, staring out at the room. He was obese and sickly-looking, probably in his mid 60s. 

I sat down at a different table a couple tables away from them. I had planned on picking up my mother and I hadn't expected to see my father there. His presence made me uneasy: he and I had recently had a serious falling-out concerning my mother's estate. He wanted to see all her assets placed in a trust fund and I was dead-set against such a trust. I thought he wanted the trust fund set up so that I ultimately wouldn't receive anything from my mother's estate. 

He suddenly made some remark about the matter, and even though several people were sitting nearby, I harshly answered that he was simply trying to cut me out of my mother's estate. He made another comment and then he complained of my talking about the matter in public. I answered that he was the one who had begun the conversation. 

He stood up, then sat down again at a table closer to mine. As he did so, he mentioned something about the "war." I knew he was talking about the U.S. - Iraq War. I also knew that he supported the war, while I opposed it. Now, however, I realized several men were sitting against the wall and I quickly concluded that they also supported the war. My father was intimating that he could cause me problems in there by talking about my opposition to the war. These men might even attack me.

Curiously, several oriental men sitting behind my father began speaking. They were all probably in their mid 30s. I quickly concluded they were Vietnamese and I wondered whether they supported or opposed the Iraq War. 

I didn't want to pursue the subject of the war further, however; I simply wanted to retrieve my mother and depart. I wanted to get away from my father. I had no desire to be around him and I would be happy if I never saw him again. 

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