Dream of: 18 August 2004 "The Leather"

I had been living in a small apartment in Iran. Abruptly, the apartment was invaded by plain-clothes police officers who began searching the apartment, looking for drugs. I knew I didn't have any drugs so I wasn't worried about that; I was upset, however, to have the police in the apartment. They focused only on the living room which had a bed in it. They looked under the bed and all around the room. A black-haired woman (about 30 years old) was helping. She found a cassette tape-player, opened it and found a CD player inside (she had thought she would find drugs).

After the police had looked everywhere in the room, they admitted that no drugs were here. I mentioned, however, something about their not have checked the "leather" (it seemed I had some leather items in a couple closets). I was only being facetious, but the woman immediately became interested and wanted to check the leather. She headed toward one of the closets.

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