Dream of: 14 August 2004 "Flying Lesson"

I had been attending some cultural event in an auditorium. The event had finished and I was leaving through the tall doors which gave onto a wide plaza in front of the building. As I stood atop the steps which led down to the plaza, I noticed a small bird hopping around on the other side of the plaza and the bird's movements inspired me to fly over to it.

I raised myself a few centimeters off the ground and headed toward the bird. I had great difficulty, however, and made hardly any progress, continuing to bump against the pavement. No matter the exertion, I couldn't seem to make much headway.

Suddenly, unexpectedly, a woman flew in close to me. She was dressed in a long flowing beige gown, and seemed to have complete mastery over her flying abilities. She gently grabbed me by the arm and tugged me along, gracefully pulling me to the other side of the plaza, where we touched down, and stood next to each other.

She began to softly counsel me, apparently trying to teach me how to improve my flying abilities.

Just then, another woman swooped in and stopped next to us. I abruptly recalled that this second woman had likewise once tried to teach me to fly. I thought I should introduce the two women to each other. The second woman's name was "Catherine" and the first woman was named "Kate." Looking at each in turn, I said, "Kate. Catherine."

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