Dream of: 13 August 2004 "Vivaldi Concert"

While in a rooming house where I had been living, I received a call on a phone in the hall from my landlady, a woman about 50 years old. She wanted me to look into one room to see if anyone was there. I didn't want to, but I opened the door to the room anyway. The room was practically empty except for a large bed in the middle. Someone was clearly lying under the cover on the bed, but I couldn't tell if the person was a man or woman. I told the landlady someone was in the room and then I hung up the phone.

The person on the bed began to stir and finally crawled out from under the cover and stood up. Shirtless, he was probably in his late 20s. I spoke to him, curious as to who he was. He said he had come into town to hear a concert of music by Vivaldi. That sounded very interesting to me. I thought he and I might get along -- I would like to hear a Vivaldi concert myself.

It looked as if he intended to stay here a while. He told me how much he was paying for rent per day (he was paying by the day instead of by the month). I figured he was paying $750 a month at that rate. Since I was only paying around $350 a month, I thought I might be able to help him lower his payments.

We walked out of the house as we were talking and passed a church on our left. He was still shirtless and I was shabbily dressed. I thought about going into the church, but thought it wouldn't be appropriate. Maybe we could form our own church. We could assemble some more people who were like us and we could meet regularly. We could dress how we wanted. I might like that.

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