Dream of: 11 August 2004 "Lost Child"

I had been entrusted with a small baby girl (about 2 years old) which I was carrying around with me. I was especially impressed by the girl's hair, which looked more like a thick lichen-like leaf than hair. It was so soft and complex. After moving from place to place for a while, I realized I no longer had the girl with me and since I couldn't remember what I had done with her, I became worried -- only now did I realize that girl's parents would want the girl back.

I decided to retrace my steps and I went first to a bus which I had taken. The driver of the bus was a black woman (around 30 years old). I told her I needed to find the girl and return her to her parents. I was surprised when the woman said she had the girl, that I had given the girl to her to keep. She said she would have to go and get her.

Together the woman and I went to the woman's house. I waited outside while the woman went in. The girl wasn't here -- we were just stopping here. I liked the place because although we were in the city, it seemed like the country with a big back yard surrounded by trees. The only problem was the clutter in the backyard -- some old furniture -- which needed to be hauled away.

When the woman was finally ready to leave, I headed to the gate which surrounded the yard. I had to climb up a little path to get to the gate in the corner. I had trouble getting climbing the path because it was so steep. When I reached the top, near the gate, I looked down and saw that I was standing on the edge of a precipice, perhaps ten meters down. I became dizzy looking down and I almost fell into the abyss. The woman stepped up beside me and helped me reach the gate. We both walked out.

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