Dream of: 06 August 2004 "Elephant's Eyes"

I was at my Center Street House (a two-story frame house I had bought in Portsmouth at a foreclosure sale). I had hired some people who were cleaning up trash in the back yard, putting the trash in the trunk and back seat of a little white car parked in the alley. One load of trash had already been hauled away by the owner of the car (but he had used a truck for that first load, for which I had paid him $50). I was now a bit reluctant to pay the man another $50 to have a another load hauled away in a car. Since I hadn't been there when my workers had begun loading the trash into the car, I didn't know if they had already told the fellow I would pay $50. The car was already almost loaded down. I picked up a long tree branch and tried to fit it into the car, but the branch was too long. I tried to break off the small end of the branch, but it only bent without breaking. Finally I broke off a meter-long piece on the thick end of the branch.

I still didn't want to pay $50. I walked over to the back porch of the next-door neighbor, Ralph. I thought maybe I could hire Ralph to use his black truck (which was sitting out back) and I could pay him $30-$35. I still had about two loads which needed to go to the dump (three piles were in the yard). The yard would look so much better if it were clean. Of course I would also have to pay dump fees. It was all getting expensive.

I tracked through fresh untrampled snow on Ralph's back porch. Unfortunately it looked as if Ralph was not up yet. Since Ralph didn't come to the door, I walked back over to my House.

About 10 large white wooden doors were stacked against the side of my House. I had forgotten those doors. I remembered I had torn some walls out of the House and had already hauled the walls away, but I had forgotten these doors. I hated to take the doors to the dump -- they were heavy and would be expensive to dispose of at the dump. Plus the wood in the doors was so good, I hated to destroy it. But I didn't see what else I could do.

I walked inside the House. Most of the trash which had been inside had already been taken out. Only a few items which had been left in the House remained. There were a couple old trophies. One trophy was of a foot; another was of a man driving a tractor (but the man's head and torso had been broken off). Another trophy (which was broken) had Hebrew writing on it. I wondered if the people who had lived there before had been Jewish. I knew the name of the previous owner had been Barbie Fowler; I didn't think her name was Jewish.

I picked up a lock (with the key) which I had taken off one of the old doors in House (I had several of the locks). The key was about 10 centimeters long and thicker than a normal key. The key worked well in the lock -- I turned it several times. The locks almost seemed like antiques. They also had some writing on them. I thought I would save them.

It almost seemed as if there had been an estate sale in the House and these were the last few remaining items. As I walked through the House to see what else was left, I was surprised to find a live baby elephant standing on the carpet in the living room. I was fascinated by the elephant which stood about as tall as my waist. I had never been this close to a baby elephant. When I walked over to it, the elephant touched me with its snout. It already had long tusks. I was a bit afraid of it. I petted the darling elephant.

Seeing other people in the room, I asked if the elephant had been sold and was told it had. A man standing nearby seemed to know about it. He seemed a bit Indian (from India). He said the elephant was 3-4 years old. The man said the person who had bought the elephant already had several other elephants on some land not far away. I wondered if I could visit them sometime.

As I continued petting the elephant, I told the man it had a good personality. He pulled out a complicated little chart and told me that many traits could be determined in the elephant by looking at spots in its eyes. He had a whole range of traits which he said were in this elephant. I looked at the chart, but it was too complicated. Besides, I thought the chart was probably hocus pocus and not legit. I just enjoyed being with the elephant without looking at any charts.

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