Dream of: 02 August 2004 "Power Of Projection"

I was in an underground level of an office building. A law office had once been located there, but now all the rooms were empty. The walls and the concrete floor were bare. I walked around, still thinking I might find the law office somewhere among the empty rooms.

Some stacks of plywood lying on the floor had become wet and had warped. I hopped up on top of one stack and bounced around, like on a trampoline. Finally I simply began rising up into the air, floating upwards. The interior of the building was apparently empty, with no floors or rooms because I rose perhaps 50 stories high. I was exhilarated.

Another man and woman were also rising in the shaft. I swooped down close to them, thinking we might fly around together, but they seemed standoffish and so I didn't bother them. I again began flying toward the top. Once I reached the top, I began thinking I had the power to project myself to tall buildings in different cities. I thought I might start using this power more since it seemed the most interesting people were found in the upper stories of tall buildings. 


I had just awakened and realized I had been dreaming about the building. As I lay in bed, however, I also realized that the experience hadn't been completely a dream and that it was also somehow real.

My mother (perhaps 50 years old), sitting on the bed, picked up a paper (which also seemed a bit like a bill for something) which had some information on it about a restaurant on the top floor of a high building (my brother Chris's name was also on the paper). I told my mother I had the power to visit the tops of tall buildings. I also told her I had picked up the paper she was holding in one of the tall buildings I had visited, probably in Chillicothe. She seemed impressed and excited by the news.


I was having another dream-like experience. Dressed in rather shabby clothes, I found myself in an unfamiliar house with several women (probably in their 50s) and one old woman (perhaps 80 years old). They seemed consternated to see me and immediately told me to leave. I protested as they directed me to the door. As I backed outside onto the back porch, I now realized all my dream-like experiences obviously wouldn't be as exhilarating as the one in the tall building.

I looked out from the porch into a residential neighborhood. In the distance I spotted a very black funnel cloud, then a second funnel cloud even closer. I immediately opened the door to the house and shouted to the women that a tornado was coming. I hoped I might be able to redeem myself with them and again have better dream-like experiences.

On the porch floor was a door which could be raised to go to the basement. I thought I could carry the old 80-year old woman down there. The women came out onto the back porch, but they didn't seem to want to go into the basement. Nevertheless, we all started down the stairs. We kept looking at the tornadoes, mesmerized as they drew closer. I couldn't tear my eyes away. I thought we would look until the last minute, then close the door over us.

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