Dream of: 21 July 2004 "Lantern Of A Ghost"

As I was sitting in my little room, I noticed -- behind some curtains -- a small window which I had never noticed before. When I looked outside through the window, I could see into the neighbor's back yard and garage. The lady next door had arranged piles of interesting-looking items all over her back yard. Apparently the goods (some looked like antiques) were for sale. Two other women were browsing.

A light-haired man (about 30 years old) showed up, very close to the window. I kept looking, intrigued that I could see everybody and they didn't see me. Suddenly, however, I found myself standing outside, right next to the man. He was only about half my height. I stuck out my hand to him and asked if we had met before (it seemed that we had, but I couldn't remember for sure). He said his name was Ron and that he lived in this house next door. He began showing me around the things in the yard. Apparently a yard sale was taking place, only much more elaborate than a yard sale, with many old antiques.

Among the items towered six or seven cannons, gigantic about twice as tall as I, made of light-colored wood. I asked Ron how old they were. He said 18 10-22. I was unsure whether he had said 1810-1822 or 1022. I tried to recall who had been king of England in 1022 and I realized that 1022 had been before the time of William the Conqueror -- I couldn't come up with a firm answer.

Ron showed me more things. I saw some memorabilia for rock and roll groups but I ignored it -- I was more interested in the antiques. I asked Ron why he lived here (we seemed to be in Dallas, which seemed boring to me) and he said there no place else was any better, that this place was as good as any. He mentioned Cuba, indicating he might like to go there. I asked if he were from Cuba and he indicated he had ties there. I asked if he spoke Spanish and it sounded as if he said he did, so I began talking in Spanish. He didn't answer and I was uncertain he understood me. Once I said "contigo" and followed with "usted" (uncertain whether to use the familiar or the formal form with him). As I talked, I wished I had someone with whom I could talk Spanish, French, and German at the same time, switching from language to language whenever I felt like it.

We walked to a forested area at the edge of the lawn (I had picked up a lit lantern which I was carrying) and with the lantern in hand, I grabbed a long grape vine hanging from one of the trees and I and swung out into the forest. The vine didn't swing back and I continued swinging through the trees, grabbing one vine after the other. I thought of Tarzan and how he had swung through the jungle like this. Finally I became lost and I couldn't find another vine. I heard men talking and I came to a stop on the edge of green hill just as the men walked up.

I knew the men weren't gong to be friendly. I started slipping down the hill and one of the men grabbed me to save me. We talked and they saw the lantern in my hand, which was now in a little box. I told them I had simply had the lantern when I had started swinging on the vines. The men acted as if I had stolen the lantern. I told them about Ron and how he had given the lantern to me. The men said Ron had been dead for 30 years.

I began to understand a little: Ron had been a ghost. Obviously the men also knew Ron was a ghost, but they weren't willing to admit it to me. I could almost hear them talking to each other, saying that Ron had appeared again, as if this had happened over and over.

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