Dream of: 16 July 2004 "Illusory Water"

I was taking part in a competition with several other people. As we were preparing to start, I found some colorful trading cards (the size of baseball cards) which had been torn up and thrown on the floor. I picked up the cards and stuck them in my back pocket, thinking I could look at them later.

As we waited for the competition to begin, several of the competitors gathered around a door through which we would pass when we started. I walked over in front of the others and looked through the glass door. The others seemed a bit miffed by my blocking the view, but I didn't budge.

Suddenly the door was flung open and everyone (myself in the lead) surged into the next room. At least 100 people were now involved in the competition and some rushed past me. They were headed toward a body of water, something like a rushing stream, only indoors. They threw themselves into the water and were carried off. I followed suit, leaping into the rapid stream.

All the while, I realized the water wasn't real, that it was somehow simulated, that my mind was somehow going into the illusory water. Nevertheless, the water felt real and I was swept along in its pleasurable embrace. I couldn't remember having felt such exhilaration -- pure ecstasy. I rolled and coiled and twisted and turned. I could move however I wanted, and each position was more pleasurable than the last.

I was still concentrated, however, on winning the competition, and many competitors were now ahead of me. I began to master my movements, passing one competitor after the other. I even used some of them for leverage, pushing off them with my hands or feet. I knew they didn't like it, but I was determined to win.

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