Dream of: 10 July 2004 "Chance Of Escaping"

As five other fellows and I were in a movie theater, a man walked down to the front and announced that the police intended to conduct random searches for drugs. I was immediately alarmed. I had never heard of random searches in movie theaters -- and we had 2 kilograms of cocaine outside in our car!

A policeman walked down front and called out the name of one of us, a fellow named Eric. Eric stood and walked down to the policeman and disappeared. The rest of us flew into a panic, uncertain what to do. We knew Eric would be discovered. Suddenly I told the others we had to leave and abandon Eric. They didn't want to at first, but then they realized I was right and we all stood up, walked outside, and boarded our vehicle, a yellow bus.

One of the others began driving and we left the theater. He was driving very slowly however and the minutes ticked by as we barely made progress. I was growing impatient. I insisted that we needed to get as far away from the theater as possible before Eric confessed. I also realized we had definitely done the right thing by leaving, both for ourselves and for Eric. If we escaped with the cocaine, the police would have no evidence to use against Eric.

We were moving so slowly, however, I was afraid we would be apprehended. I even jumped out of the bus at one point and ran ahead of it to prove my point that we were moving too slowly. When I got back on, I began formulating a plan. We needed to abandon the bus and rent another car. This bus was also rented. We could either take it back to the rental place, or we could simply abandon it and go to another rental place. We could put the cocaine in the newly rented car and take off to another state. We definitely had a chance of escaping, but we had to move faster.

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