Dream of: 07 July 2004 "Dognapping"

Carolina and I were standing outside the house where we were living when I discovered that Picasso was missing. We both began looking for him and finally walked down a nearby street and then into a dead end street surrounded by a forested area. A forbidding-looking old house stood at the end of street. I had previously heard vague rumors about people in the house.

Suddenly a scruffy man (about 40 years old) appeared and I told him we were looking for our Dalmatian. He said he thought he had shot a dog in the woods. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. He directed me over to the woods. I didn't want Carolina to go into the woods, so I walked in alone. I thought I saw some dead dogs lying on the ground but not Picasso.

The man led me to a little building and pulled back a black tarpaulin with dogs under it. Finally I saw Picasso. He didn't recognize me and he growled. All the dogs including Picasso looked sick. Picasso looked weak. I wanted to take him, but now the man made clear his intention: he was not going to let Picasso go -- he wanted money. By now I was even afraid he might try to kidnap Carolina and me. I told the man I wanted to take Picasso right now and I wanted to know how much he wanted. He failed to answer, and finally I told him I would give him $500 right now. Clearly he liked the amount.

Unfortunately I wasn't sure I had the money on me. And secondly I was contemplating calling the police. So I told him I would have to go home to get the money and I would be right back. He and I walked back out to where Carolina was. A younger fellow came out of the house and warned us not to call the police. I told him I had no intention of calling the police and that I only wanted my dog. Carolina and I walked down the street and I told her what I had found. I was trying to decide whether to simply pay or to call the police. I worried that if I called the police, Picasso might be killed. But I didn't want to just pay the money either.

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