Dream of: 06 July 2004 "Well-Known"

My wife Carolina and I were riding four-wheelers along a grassy path in a forest. The land was hilly and when we reached a clearing at the top of one hill, I noticed pieces of orange plastic string lying on the ground (the kind used in weed eaters). Obviously someone had been clearing out the weeds there.

Houses were in this area. Curious, I climbed off my four-wheeler, walked into one modern house and circulated through the rooms. When another man showed up, I realized I probably shouldn't be inside the house. He looked like someone working on the house, not the owner, and he was friendly. He pointed out how a wall which separated the garage from the house had been taken out, making a much larger room. The project looked well-done.

I walked outside to the back yard. Just as I was stepping out the door, a woman sitting at a picnic table took my picture with a camera. I walked over and sat down across from her at the table. Another woman was sitting next to her. I wasn't pleased that the picture had been taken and I would have liked to have retrieved it. I talked with her about the picture and she said she would have to have the picture developed. I looked at her more closely, trying to discern whether I knew her. She was probably about 30 years old and had black hair. For a moment I thought she looked like Ellen, but upon closer scrutiny I was sure she wasn't Ellen. She finally mentioned her name, but I couldn't quite understand it. It sounded as if it might have been "Longaway" but I wasn't sure. Then she called me by my name. I asked her if she knew me and she said I was "well-known." I was uncertain whether she meant that in a positive or negative way.

I was wearing a yellow head-band made from an old piece of cloth. I had been letting my hair grow long and the band kept the hair out of my eyes, but the head-band and my general appearance weren't flattering.

Carolina walked up to the picnic table and sat down next to me. She looked about 30 years old. She had some white fluorescent powder smeared on parts of her face. I pointed out the powder to her and she wiped it off.

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