Dream of: 27 June 2004 "Stamps"

I was in Mexico, where I had sold something at an auction for $1,700. I walked inside a building to receive my money. I stood in line until I was handed the money. When I began counting, however, I discovered I had been given Mexican stamps instead of money. I said something to the woman who had given me the stamps and she explained that stamps were often given in Mexico in lieu of money.

I began counting, concerned because so many people were in line and watching me. I didn't want anyone to know what I had. I had problems counting. I started with sheets of 19 cent stamps, but many sheets weren't full sheets and were missing some stamps. Therefore I also had to count how many stamps were missing. All different denominations of stamps were in the stack. Counting them all would clearly take a while.

Abruptly I noticed that people in line had picked up some of my stamps which I had laid down. I walked over to several people and began taking back handfuls of stamps. The people said they hadn't known the stamps had belonged to anyone. I took back all I could find. I could see that this whole ordeal was going to be a problem, although I thought at least I would be able to use the stamps, which were quite colorful and full of all sorts of information. The stamps presented problems, but they had some redeeming value. 

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