Dream of: 21 June 2004 (2) "Panorama Of Funnel Clouds"

My wife Carolina and I were in a small grocery store early in the morning. I wondered if the store was even open (because it was still dark outside), then I concluded it must be, because we had come in. We walked around looking for things, until I finally glanced outside through a large window. We were very high up, on perhaps the tenth floor of a tall office building. Looking out over a vast city, in the distance I spotted black clouds which suddenly formed into a huge tornado. I excitedly pointed out the tornado to Carolina and I told her we would have to go to the basement if the tornado came toward us. I wondered whether we should take the stairs or the elevator (the elevator was faster, but we might get stuck if the tornado hit).

As I watched the tornado, it broke up -- but smaller funnel clouds appeared to be forming. A panorama of black funnel clouds appeared in the distance. Far to our left, however, the sky was clear and the buildings were even shining with bright light. It looked as if the tornadoes would probably pass without hitting us. I liked watching the funnel clouds from this distance and this vantage point.


Carolina and I had left the building and were in a car which she was driving through the downtown area. Although I wasn't as worried as before, I was still apprehensive about the tornadoes and I kept my eyes open. Carolina drove past a place which she said had a tent for sale. I saw the tent and pointed it out to her. She turned at the corner to go back, but then I remembered that we had once before visited that same place and hadn't liked the tent. Besides, how well would a tent protect us against a tornado? Carolina had pulled into a vacant lot to turn around and it looked as if she were going to have trouble driving over some big rocks. But she passed over the rocks without a problem.

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