Dream of: 15 June 2004 "Reading The Mind"

I was visiting some kind of military/spiritual training camp, with an emphasis on martial arts. As I was walking around, I ran into George W. Bush. He walked up to me and grabbed my hand with one of his hands and put his other hand flat over top my head. I stood still. Friendly, he seemed to be conducting an experiment. He wanted to see if I could answer a question. He asked me if farmers who raised opium plants were able to eat the soil in which the opium plants were grown.

The question didn't seem so peculiar to me. I had recently seen an opium plant growing in a pot of soil, and I had been told that blood and another ingredient had been mixed in with the soil. However, I hadn't considered the question of whether the soil could be eaten and I didn't know the answer. I concentrated, trying to come up with an answer. All the while, Bush held my hand tightly and kept his other hand over my head. Slowly I became apprehensive of what Bush was doing. Was he trying to trap me somehow? Was he able to read my mind without my even saying anything?

I pulled myself free of him and walked away. Just as I did so, I thought I had the answer: the soil could be eaten as long as it was above 32 degrees; under 32 degrees the soil couldn't be eaten.

I began walking around the training complex, located in the country in a semi-arid region. Various training courses and obstacles were scattered around. With two ropes tied around me, I climbed atop a cliff and dropped off the side. Although it was dangerous, I thought I would like to learn to rappel. Could I use one of these ropes to rappel? Another man was also hanging from ropes; he seemed to be having difficultly and I saw the danger.

After I landed on the ground and took off the ropes, several black-robed men gathered around me in a menacing manner. Obviously they intended to attack me. After I picked up a burnt piece of wood to protect myself, a short struggle ensued in which I adroitly fended off my attackers. Other people were standing around and I couldn't understand why no one would help me. Fortunately I already had enough power to defend myself without help.

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