Dream of: 12 June 2004 "Study In The Netherlands"

I was visiting The Netherlands with a group of six or seven other people (all probably in their late teens). We had been staying in a fancy hotel, a gigantic place which seemed to be part of a shop-filled mall. As the others and I walked through the mall area, I thought how I would like to live here and learn Dutch. The language was so similar to German, it should be relatively easy for me to learn. As we passed through some of the shops, I realized I didn't have any Dutch money and I reflected that I should always be sure to obtain local money before entering a country.

When we were ready to leave the hotel and move on to our next destination, I suddenly remembered I had forgotten to do something in the hotel.  When the others became upset because I would have to return to my hotel room, I became angry and I wanted to get away from them.  I told the others I didn't want to be with them anymore -- I just wanted to be alone. I boarded a type of subway-train inside the hotel so I could return alone to my room and take care of the matter which I had forgotten.

I sat down on the train, and as I rode along, I looked out the window as we passed many stores within the hotel. Many items could be seen on the walls of the stores, especially toys of all sorts. I wondered if some of the toys were based on characters from movies.

When the train stopped, I stepped off and went straight into a library (also in the hotel). I decided I was simply going to stay here in the library -- I wanted to study some law. I was even thinking of moving here to The Netherlands and learning law here.  When I picked up a stack of books and carried them to a small desk, a girl (probably in her late teens) tried to follow me. I just wanted to be alone, however, and I told her to go away, that I didn't want to be with anyone. I just wanted to be here alone in the library and study.

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