Dream of: 10 June 2004 "Staying-Power"

The woman who was my mother (not my actual mother) was lying naked on a couch before me. Deep-black hair, thin, she was probably in her early 30s. Her legs were spread wide, her luxuriant black pubes faced me. Already disrobed, I stepped toward her, penis erect. I touched between her legs with my fingers, confirming her moistness -- she was ready. I pushed closer, slowly inserted my penis, and pressured in, careful not to shove too hard.

Our passions increased as I lay atop her. She never spoke a word, but I did. I told her how much I loved her and how I wanted us to spend our lives together, to always be together. Her embrace told me she agreed. We continued apace, aflame, burning love. Pure undiluted ecstasy. I stayed firm and never climaxed.


Still in the after-glow of love-making, I was visiting with Buckner (probably in his mid 30s). He was sitting in an armchair on the other side of the room. He had lit a pipe and was smoking. Obviously marijuana. I took the pipe from him and took a hit. Billowy white smoke encompassed my head. I took a second hit, reflecting that Buckner had taken several hits before handing the pipe to me.

I faintly felt the effects. I didn't want to dally long there, however. I had an appointment for which I was already late. I was supposed to meet with some people to have sex. I had previously met with the little group and had enjoyed their company. Several attractive women were in the group. I wondered if they would be able to sense that I had been smoking marijuana. Should I show up naked or clothed? I could just walk in naked, showing off my erect penis. Would the women be impressed by my rigidity and staying-power? I suspected so. I could definitely last for quite a while.

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