Dream of: 09 June 2004 "Badger"

I was in Portsmouth, riding in a car which Buckner (around 30 years old) was driving. A woman (around 50 years old) was in the car with us. She was a thin frail creature, and she seemed as if she had once been a high school teacher for Buckner and me. Buckner and I were supposed to perform some kind of chore for her today and we were on the way to where we were supposed to do the chore.

The road to our destination was somehow blocked, however, and Buckner decided to take a different route. On the way, we passed by the house on Sherman Avenue where Buckner had lived when we had attended high school together. As we headed down Sherman, I thought I might like to see Buckner's' parents, James and Helen; I hadn't seen then in such a long time. But then I seemed to recall that Buckner's father had died and that his mother was ill.

As we drove by the house, I saw that it had been painted a bright lime-green. The house appeared to be in disrepair and Buckner commented that it needed some work. I told him he should simply get busy and take care of it.

Buckner continued driving down the dead-end street until he reached the end, and then he continued on into the wooded area at the end of the street, along a dirt road. As soon as we had entered the woods, I saw an animal off to the left which I at first thought was a ground hog -- but it was too big for a ground hog, and I thought it might be a badger or wolverine. It fascinated me, and after we passed it, I boldly commented that I should have gotten out of the car and approached it (even though I knew that the animal might have attacked me).

By now I could see that the woman was becoming alarmed. I told her I hoped she hadn't had any plans for today, and she replied that she did indeed have plans. She was sitting next to me on my right and I could sense her increasing agitation at being hauled out into the forest by two men. I knew she was in no danger, but she didn't know. I patted her on the back to try to calm her down, but my touching her only seemed to alarm her more.

I was a little alarmed myself. I had no idea where Buckner was taking us and the woman's fear concerned me. Buckner simply kept driving deeper into the woods.

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