Dream of: 08 June 2004 (2) "Privacy Law"

Early morning I had arrived at a small office where I had lately been working. My father was in charge there. When I arrived, I was surprised no one else had yet arrived. I walked over to my computer, sat down, took off the two large overcoats I was wearing and hung them on the back of my chair. When no one else showed up, I slowly realized my father must have decided to shut down the office. We hadn't been doing much business lately and he probably figured simply closing the office would be best.

My father soon showed up and we began talking. Indeed, he was shutting down the office. We began talking about what I would do now. He suggested I take the bar exam in this state. I was still admitted to practice law in Texas, but since I had been living in this state for a while, it seemed logical I would take the bar and be admitted there. However, I was undecided. I wasn't certain I wanted to practice law again. My father said I should pick one area of the law which I liked and practice in that area. I found his words curious because only recently I had been thinking the same thing, and I had focused on "privacy law." I even felt emotional about it and I already saw an area where I could begin immediately: defense of drug possession cases, since I considered the possession of drugs should be protected by the right of privacy.

My father talked a short while longer, while I sat and listened. Then he left. Hard upon his departure, another fellow (probably in his late 30s) walked into the office. I didn't recognize him at first, but slowly I realized he and I had attended law school together. We chatted for a while, until he told me he was planning to take the bar exam on Saturday and he asked me if I could help him. I weighed the question only a few seconds, then responded that I would. Normally I wouldn't give up my time like that, but since I was also thinking of taking the bar exam at a later date, this would be a good opportunity for me to practice also.

He and I walked outside and soon found a vacant lot where we could study. Unfortunately I dropped some papers I was carrying into a hole filled with mud and I had difficultly retrieving them. When I finally had my soiled papers in hand, we were joined by yet a third fellow who was apparently friends with the second fellow.

As the three of us talked, I began to gather the second fellow hadn't told me everything about why he was taking the bar exam. I probed further and discovered that he had been admitted to practice law in another state, but that he hadn't told the bar in this state he had been admitted in another state. I asked him if he had been disbarred in the other state and he said no. But obviously something wasn't quite right.

I realized tomorrow was Saturday, so we only had one day to study. I tried to think of what we should concentrate on. I told him that many essay questions would be on the test and that he should try to answer the questions as straightforward as he could. He would particularly need to be familiar with legal ethics and know how to answer those questions. He seemed confident, but I had my doubts.

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