Dream of: 08 June 2004 "Bell Jar"

I was riding a crowded bus in a city where I didn't know my way around. As the bus passed through a black section of town (blacks could be seen lolling about on the corners), someone pointed out a big new sports coliseum (constructed of red bricks) which had been built here.

As the bus continued along, I became increasingly apprehensive because the driver was driving so erratically. Finally he took a curve too sharply and the bus tilted over on two wheels, then finally turned over and rolled down an embankment. As we rolled, I waited for the bus to hit the bottom, then realized we had already rolled to a stop. When the bus rolled back to an upright position and I saw that I was uninjured, I decided to get out -- I wasn't going to stay on this bus. I looked for my shoes, which I had taken off, but I couldn't find them, so I got off barefoot and started walking down the street. I was wearing a blue sports coat.

I soon encountered a thin fellow (probably in his late 30s) whom I knew. He was a lawyer and seemed to be partially Hispanic. We began walking together and talking. He told me he had been suing people who had promised chartable gifts and then had reneged. We were joined by another lawyer, and the other lawyer asked the second lawyer how he would prove that the people who had reneged on the charitable gifts actually had money to give. I piped up that that would be easy: the person's tax returns and other financial records could be subpoenaed. I even thought examining the financial documents would be interesting work.

The first lawyer said he was on his way to a meeting with another law firm. He was planning to leave the law firm where he was presently working and planning to take half the lawyers in the firm with him. Then he was going to merge with half the lawyers from the other law firm.

All this sounded interesting got me because I myself was looking for a job again as a lawyer.

We passed a swank bar and the first lawyer suggested we go in and sit down a bit. We did so. After we were seated at a table, I told him I might be interested in going to work with him. I pointed out that I realized I would need a better suit than what I was wearing and that I would need shoes. He didn't commit himself, but he seemed interested in the proposal, and he suggested that I accompany him to his meeting.

As we were talking, five blonde women (all probably in their mid 40s) were sitting straight across from us and looking at us. One was smoking a thin cigar. My companion pointed out that all five were lesbians. I hadn't realized that at first, but when I looked at the women more carefully  I concluded that they might indeed be lesbians. The women started talking and made clear that they were indeed lesbians and that they were proud of it. I didn't know what to think. Their sexual orientation didn't make much difference to me one way or another.

I was, however, intrigued by a device sitting next to the last woman on my left, a device which looked like a glass bell jar. Inside the jar was a test tube filled with a bright blue liquid. A tube ran from the test tube out of the jar, and (I concluded) into the veins of the woman sitting next to the jar. I had no idea what was the purpose of the liquid, or whether it had anything to do with the woman's being a lesbian. But I was curious about it.

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