Dream of: 02 June 2004 "Pollution"

An auction was taking place. At the moment some empty black plastic movie boxes were being sold. Only one little girl was bidding and I didn't want to bid against her, so I simply perused the other items.

Suddenly the auctioneer (a man probably in his mid 30s) held up a colorfully boxed VHS cassette to sell.  A swarm of 30-40 people rushed toward him, raising their hands to bid. The name of the tape was "Pollution." I had never heard of it and I asked a fellow standing near me why so many people wanted it -- but he was too busy concentrating on the bidding. I figured it must be a collector's item.

The bidding reached $30 and abruptly stopped. I didn't know why the bidding hadn't continued. Again I asked someone and I was told there was a state law which prohibited VHS tapes from being sold for more than $30.

The people quickly began to disappear and I couldn't figure out where they had gone so quickly. Only slowly did I realize all the people who had bid on the tape had been rounded up and taken to a back room to be killed. I couldn't fathom the reason for this and I thought about how surprised they all must have been when they learned they were going to be killed.

As I started walking up some stairs, I could see one of the women who was being killed. She was an oriental woman (probably 30 years old) whom I had earlier seen bidding. She had been stuffed upright into a machine which looked like a wood chopper. I could only see her from the waist up. She was already dead, and apparently the bottom part of her body was being chopped up. It was a gruesome sight. I wasn't worried about myself, however, because I hadn't bid on the "Pollution" tape.

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