Dream of: 31 May 2004 "Henry VII Of Navarone"

I had traveled to a Central American country, where I intended to work on a project with some local people. About a dozen people had gathered in a room where I intended to give a short speech. My old friend, Salvador Ibarra, was in the room. After every one had sat down, I pulled out a small book and announced that I intended to read a passage from the book about "king Henry VII of Navarone." I explained that I was aware that this was an ancient king who was unknown to most people, but that I thought he had a direct impact on what was happening in this country today.

I was sitting at a table as I looked down at my book and prepared to read. As I looked over the writing, however, I had great difficulty understanding it. I had thought the words would be in Spanish, but they appeared to be in Italian. The text looked more like a mixture of Spanish and Italian, and I simply couldn't understand it. I turned to Salvador (sitting to my left) and told him I couldn't read the writing because it was in Italian.

He looked at the writing and said he thought it was in Spanish, and that I should be able to read it. I looked again and concluded that I might have made a mistake, that maybe all the words were Spanish. I began reading out loud. I had great difficulty. Some words were hand-written and difficult to read. Many words I didn't understand. Nevertheless, I continued reading for a while, then stopped.

I stood up and began talking extempore. I wanted to tell the people here about something that was bothering me. I had come here to try to help the people, I explained, but I had become disturbed by some of the customs which I had found here. For example, yesterday, I had seen several people all trying to drink at once from the same bowl. I had found their behavior deplorable. I was beginning to wonder if I could ever help these people.

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