Dream of: 30 May 2004 (2) "A Search For Something"

I was walking around a well-lit modern store, looking at some comics and magazines lying on counters. I found a few small loose cards with colorful pictures also lying on the counter. The cards looked like trading cards, but I thought they also were calling-cards and were free to take.  I gathered up a half dozen or so cards and sat down on a couch to look at them. Should I simply keep the cards and walk out with them? Or should I first ask someone at the counter if the cards were free?

Some cards seemed to be of comic heroes (one showed a picture of Spiderman) while others seemed to be about upcoming movies. One card displayed a picture of the actor Eddie Murphy. Another card showed a picture of a boy who would soon appear in a movie. In the movie, the boy would go on a search looking for something. As I perused this particular card, I suddenly realized the boy was right here in the store. His presence here suddenly made sense to me: unbeknown to him, he was about to actually live out the events which would later be portrayed in the movie.

Several other people were also watching the boy -- they also seemed aware of what was about to happen. As well as I could tell, the boy would leave on a search for something. What would it be like if I would go with him? As he walked out the door of the store and into a park-like area outside, I hesitated for a moment, laid down my cards, and followed him.

Seven or eight other people were already following or gathered around him. They all had the same idea as I: they wanted to be involved in this adventure. I spoke with one well-dressed black man (around 40 years old) in the group. He said something about our having to go far north of town (it sounded like a long ways to walk) and finding a highway there. Obviously this adventure wasn't going to be an easy one.

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