Dream of: 30 May 2004 "In The Basement"

Several women were visiting me in the basement of the 29th Street House. I had converted the basement into my private office and had stored many of my possessions there. I also had my computer there, which I often worked on. I usually also had a television down there, but just the day before I had carried the television upstairs for my mother to use (she lived upstairs), because her television was malfunctioning.

As far as I could remember, these were the only people who had ever visited me down there, although it seemed that Anderson (my friend from high school and long-time resident of Portsmouth) had been there once. As the women looked around the basement, I wondered what they thought of all the things sitting around. I didn't think it looked bad down there. I particularly noticed the long colorful box of the movie-game "Krull" sitting on the ornate antique organ. The space on the wall over the organ was empty, and I rather wished I had a picture there. But other movie memorabilia around the room made up for that.

I pointed out to the women that I had a computer down there. One woman gave me a look as if she thought I might be doing something wrong on the computer. What did she think I did, I wondered, look at porn? But she was only joking with me.

As we had talked, I realized two of the women appeared to be black (they were all around 30 years old) and one somewhat resembled the actress and talk show hostess, Oprah Winfrey. I almost made a comment to the woman about the resemblance, but then I said nothing, afraid I might offend her in some way.

Apparently the women had brought a television with them because they had already hooked it up and turned it on. It was a tiny thing, probably about a 15-centimeter screen. The sound was poor quality and I thought about looking to see if it had speaker outlets on the back so I could hook some better speakers to it; but the speakers I had weren't all that good anyway, so I didn't.

The more I looked at the women, the more I thought I recognized a couple of them. One looked like Debbie Kennedy (a former female high school classmate) and the other like Caryl Setters (another former junior high classmate). When I realized who they were, I immediately started thinking about my dreams, and I wondered if they had read any of my dreams on my internet website. Should I ask them?

Maybe I should even show them my website right now. I could connect to the internet and show them how I had created a category of all my former classmates who had appeared in my dreams. I wouldn't actually show them the dreams themselves, but just the lists of people and things who had appeared in the dreams. I wasn't sure I had ever dreamed about Debbie Kennedy, but I was positive I had had several dreams about Caryl. I was very curious to know what they would think about their being on the website. Maybe I should just come out and ask them if they had heard that I wrote my dreams. I was uncertain whether I should bring up the subject, but I was leaning toward doing so.

Before I did, however, I walked upstairs to retrieve something. While upstairs, I found my mother with a tiny baby which belonged to one of the women downstairs. After I had found the thing I came for, I also took the baby from my mother, and firmly holding it in one arm against my chest, I began walking back downstairs. I held tightly, certain I wouldn't drop the baby. I would give it back to its mother in the basement. 

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