Dream of: 24 May 2004 "Fire-Man"

I was watching a scene, almost like watching a movie. About a dozen people had literally moved underground, into man-made tunnels, in order to escape from something on the surface of the earth. I wasn't sure, but I thought perhaps a disaster had destroyed the surface.

The subterranean group moved through the tunnels, exploring. They tolerated each other, but expressed no affection for each other. One small boy (5-6 years old) was among them. One man in the group became irritated with the boy and said he was going to whip him. The man pulled out a long bullwhip which he was carrying on his back and prepared to whip the boy. Another man, however, stepped in to defend the boy.

The defender (about 30 years old) at first had his back turned to the wielder of the bullwhip. When the defender turned around, his eyes were stern and the bullwhip-man suddenly realized the terrible error he had made and he started running. The other members of the group watched as the defender chased after the bullwhip-man. The two disappeared from sight, but everyone knew what had happened: the defender had used his superpowers to incinerate the bullwhip-man.

I was a bit startled by this turn of events. I hadn't realized anyone in the group had super powers. The scene I was watching rapidly shifted to the site -- above ground -- where the incineration had taken place. All that remained of the bullwhip-man was a burnt spot on the ground.

I was also surprised when the scene showed an overview of a residential street and people could be seen walking along the street and coming out of houses. Clearly the surface of the earth was still intact. I must have been completely mistaken about the reason for the group having gone underground.

Now it appeared that the group consisted of fugitives who had been chased underground. Perhaps they were mutants who were despised because of their superpowers. I wanted to know more about them, especially about the fire-man.

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