Dream of: 18 May 2004 "Interrogation"

Carolina and I were walking along the Ohio River in Portsmouth (near a muddy area where tall electric towers loomed). I was surprised so many people were down there. I had previously built an outhouse there; I walked into it and sat down on the commode. I wasn't using the commode, I simply sat on it. The outhouse was made of wood but had a concrete floor. The interior was large enough so another woman was seated to my left (dim in the shadows). She seemed to have a child with her. I looked around, saw a dime and two pennies lying on the floor and picked them up. I also saw several drops of dried blood on the floor  I stood up, walked back out to Carolina, and told her about finding the money.

We both walked into a large tent where many people were milling about and objects were lying on tables, apparently for sale. It seemed as if the tent might also belong to me, but I hadn't authorized anyone to use it to sell things there. I walked around looking. Finally I found a metal box and looked at the stuff inside. It looked as if the box had simply been left there, and as if I could have the contents if I wanted them.

I was amazed by what I found. I pulled out a brand new black handgun, still wrapped in cellophane. Then I found a rifle of some sort, probably an assault gun. I could hardly believe what I had found. The two guns were obviously valuable and apparently were mine for the taking. I held them up and showed them to Carolina.

As I did so, I noticed several people had gathered around me, very close to me. They seemed to be watching me intently, and suddenly, I realized they had been waiting to see who would pick up the guns. I turned around and faced them and they acknowledged that they were with law enforcement. I figured they must be CIA. There were about 10 of them. One spoke into his cell phone and told someone to check my background.

I was immediately worried. I knew I was completely innocent, but I was obviously now going to have a problem. They began asking me questions which I tried to answer truthfully. I had nothing to hide. I was a bit worried however, that if they conducted an investigation of me, my written dreams would be discovered, and some wrong conclusions might be drawn from the dreams. In the past I had dreamed of all sorts of crimes and misdeeds which I had never actually committed. I was continually worried those dreams might be used as evidence against me for crimes of which I was innocent.

I was separated from Carolina and led off to a small cramped room with about a dozen people crammed inside. The interrogation began in earnest. I was pummeled with questions which I tried my best to answer. Gradually, I had the feeling my interrogators were beginning to believe me, and gradually they became friendlier and more relaxed.

Both men and women interrogators were in the room. I asked them if they did this every day and one friendly woman said yes, that every day they went to a different place to interrogate someone. She indicated it was an exciting life.

Gradually the room seemed larger and I finally realized only attractive women were left in the room, about 10 of them. I made a comment about how attractive they all were, but no one said anything.

I also noticed a white bear with black spots in the room with a couple bear cubs. I had no idea why the bears were there, but I called one of the little cubs to me and began playing with it. I let it nibble on my hand, then held its face up to mine -- it was so beautiful.

Suddenly I remembered Picasso had been with me when I had been detained. I began asking the women about Picasso and where he was, but no one gave me any answer. Now I was beginning to become a bit angry. I knew I was innocent, and I was worried about Picasso, and I also didn't know what had happened to Carolina. I didn't think she was being harmed, but I was concerned abut her. I told the women in the room that the only thing I wanted was to make sure my dog was all right. No one said anything, but I had the feeling I would probably soon be released. 

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