Dream of: 13 May 2004 "House Owner"

Carolina and I had just moved into a cottage located on a busy street in a Florida city. We hadn't yet moved in much furniture, but we had a few possessions sitting around. As we sat in one room, I suddenly heard voices in the adjoining room. I stood up, walked through the door to the neighboring room and found man and woman standing there. I wasn't completely surprised (I had been expecting some people to arrive earlier). But I did become surprised when other people began arriving and the house soon filed up. I circulated among the people, trying to be a cordial.

I sat at a table with two people. The table was lower on my side so I was sitting lower than the other two, and I realized how important it was to sit at a higher position at a table. I tried to make pleasant conversation. I needed practice at this type of conversation. I couldn't seem to think of anything to say.

The man and woman apparently lived in the neighborhood and they seemed a little peeved that I had never visited them. I explained how I had just recently moved in and I hadn't yet had a chance to meet the neighbors, but that I hoped to meet more people in the future.

Another woman (perhaps 30 years old) walked up beside me on my right at the table. She was so close, her left cheek rubbed against my right cheek. The touch was so pleasant I pressed harder against her cheek, even though I knew Carolina was somewhere in the house. The woman whispered in my ear that she thought it was too early for her to get pregnant. I pulled back from her and smiled. I heartily agreed, and I interpreted her words as saying that we were going a little too far by rubbing our cheeks together.

When I noticed that a policeman had entered, I stood up and approached him. I realized he might have some questions about what I was doing here and who all these people were. I wasn't completely sure myself. For a moment I thought I might have simply found an empty house and moved in. But suddenly I realized I had actually bought this house, and I immediately said to the policeman, "First of all, I own this house."

Other people in the room heard me and everyone seemed to become more at ease. I began explaining that Carolina and I had simply been visiting Florida recently, and we had been driving down this street and had seen this old empty house. We had stopped and checked it out. I had then followed the necessary procedures and had bought the house. Everyone seemed impressed when I explained that I had previously bought several houses in Texas and fixed them up.

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