Dream of: 11 May 2004 "Stolen Junk"

I had discovered that someone had broken into the Center Street House (a two-story frame house which I had bought as an investment in Portsmouth) and stolen a few things. I hired a fellow (about 30 years old) to try to find the culprits. He came to the House with his assistant ( a scruffy fellow whom I had previously met) and I showed them around. In the process, I discovered that the old yellow refrigerator which had been propped against the inside of the basement door (at the bottom of the steps which led down from the back porch to the basement) was missing.

I walked out into the alley and there saw a long trailer with some stuff piled on it, including the door to the refrigerator and a long cardboard box about two meters long filled with various items from the House. None of the junk had any value. I went back to the fellow and told him what I had found. Obviously the thief had carried the stuff out to the alley and then had decided it was of no value.

I boarded a car with the two fellows. The fellow in charge drove several blocks west of Center Street into an area with splendid new brick office buildings. Apparently he was looking for thieves in this area. We saw a gang of six or seven thugs on a corner.

He pointed to one building in the distance and asked me to read the words carved in the lintel. It looked to me like "Sony," but I wasn't sure. He stopped a couple more times. Once we climbed out of the car and walked around.  I asked him if his offices were in one of these buildings, but he didn't answer. I had the feeling he probably didn't even have an office. But he seemed to know what he was doing and I found watching him work to be interesting.

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