Dream of: 03 May 2004 "Cowboy In The Sky"

My step-grandfather Clarence was driving a car in which my father, my father's girlfriend and I were riding. As we proceeded, I looked out the window on the left and noticed a long thin funnel cloud which I excitedly pointed out to the others. I was especially intrigued by the cloud because it began to take on the form of a cowboy. As the cloud moved around to the other side of the road, it looked exactly like a cowboy wearing a cowboy hat and carrying a pistol in one hand. I had witnessed this type of phenomenon before -- when objects in nature would take on human representation -- and I had never been able to understand how such a display was possible. I was totally baffled.

I pointed out the cloud to my father and I told him it was the most detailed example of a tornado taking on a specific image I had ever seen. Instead of being impressed, he rather berated me, hinting that I apparently hadn't seen many tornadoes taking on the form of images if this were the best example I had ever seen. I responded that I had seen many examples of tornadoes taking on images -- specifically I had once seen a tornado which had looked like an elaborate cathedral. My father still seemed unimpressed and the woman with him seemed to be encouraging his negative attitude toward me.

As we had been looking at the tornado, Clarence had slowed the car down a little. We were on a city street and a light-skinned black woman was now standing in front of the car. Clarence began trying to push the woman out of his way with the car. He was moving forward in small spurts, lightly shoving the woman, but the woman wouldn't budge.

Suddenly, the woman dashed around to the window next to Clarence and stuck her torso through the window. It seemed clear that she intended to try to hurt someone in the car. I screamed out, tried to grab her hands and then tried to grab one of her ears, but she was too fast for me, and just as quickly as she had entered, she pulled back out of the window and took off running down the street.

I opened my door and jumped out of the car. When I saw a policewoman (also a light-skinned black) standing on the sidewalk, I hollered to the policewomen to try to apprehend the fleeing woman. The policewoman immediately began running after the woman.

As I viewed the scene, I felt somewhat confused. I felt convinced Clarence had been acting properly by trying to push the woman out of the way, but something about pedestrians having the right of way seemed to be in the back of my mind.

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