Dream of: 26 April 2004 "New Invention"

I was with six other people in a room which resembled a big garage -- constructed of cinder blocks, a rectangle probably six meters wide by ten meters long. We were conducting an experiment with a complicated computer-driven device which the others had built. As part of the experiment, they slowly began turning off the lights in the room, one at a time. The dimming lights produced an exhilarating feeling. As the lights would go out, little flickering lights began appearing around the perimeter of the room.  Intending to turn off all the lights, we continued until we were down to the last tiny digital light which I covered up. Then the room seemed to go completely blank, but some other digital lights could still be seen in the room. We turned the big lights back on so we could also cover the small digital lights. I asked the others to help but only one volunteered.

Trying to figure out how to turn off the little digital lights, I walked to one wall with several unmarked switches. I threw a couple switches, but I was uncertain which switches to turn off. Then I mistakenly threw the switch which led to the computer and the whole experiment was shut down. I felt badly. Now we had to reboot the computer. The others didn't seem angry and everybody got busy doing something while the computer started back up. The guy in charge of the electricity came over to the light switches. He reminded me of Shannon McGee (an acquaintance I knew in Portsmouth around 1977). He obviously wasn't McGee, but he looked so much like him, I couldn't get over the resemblance. I told him he should mark the switches and I found a black marker for him to use. Then I found an even better black pen and I handed the pen to him. When he started working, I looked at the electrical setup; it was extremely complicated.

As he continued working, I began realizing that the seven of us formed a little group and that we planned to form a company to market this device which we were inventing. I saw how the others fit in: they all had some special skill to contribute to the invention. But how did I fit in? Slowly I realized I would be the corporate lawyer. I would have about a 15 percent interest in the company. I began seeing the many jobs I would have. I would have to incorporate the company. Then I might have to work on patents. That would take a lot of work and research. I would have to do patent searches. I might need some expert help, but I would try to do as much as I could myself. Then there would be all kinds of corporate matters to attend to and tax laws to understand. I could see how my services would be useful.

As I continued thinking, the room began to fill with people. Only gradually did I see that these new people had heard about the company and had come as possible investors. The room took on a festive atmosphere as the original seven of us were pushed to the side. The guy who looked like McGee was sill at work. I realized he was the actual owner of this building, which was also connected to a larger warehouse on the backside. People began flocking into the warehouse.

I had been sitting in a tall chair; when I stood up for a moment, someone took my chair. Two of the original seven were sitting on the floor and I sat down next to them. One looked a bit like Salvador Ibarra (except he was American and younger than Salvador, probably in his mid 30s). He and I talked about what was happening and I told him this gathering should have been better organized because the idea was to get the money of these potential investors. I told him that when I had been in law school in Waco, Texas I had worked for a law firm as a clerk and I had gone to a similar gathering. I had forgotten about that. I told him that that company had been in some kind of textile business. I traced an arc in the air with my hand and explained that the stock price of that company had shot up and then had gone down. I then told the fellow that the real money would come if we could get the stock of this company listed on NASDAQ. That would be another legal task waiting for me.

Carolina showed up. She was very pretty. She was concerned about my leaving for a month (I had to go again to Ohio for a month). I told her not to worry, that I would be back as soon as possible. I had a lot of work to do here.

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