Dream of: 25 April 2004 "Shot Down"

I was flying a small helicopter all by myself, in a hurry. I had recently once again taken up the practice of law, and I had just realized I had two cases scheduled for hearing this morning -- at the same time! One case was in bankruptcy court and the other case was in a federal district court. The two courthouses were blocks apart, so I couldn't possibly be in both places at the same time. To top off the dilemma, I hadn't prepared for either case -- I didn't even know what the cases were about. I was desperately trying to decide which court to go to when -- suddenly! -- a rocket hit my helicopter!

The copter was definitely damaged, but I was still able to fly. I limped forward until I spotted an open area near some buildings where I thought I could land. I gingerly hovered into the opening and safely landed. People standing outside the building began walking toward me. I recognized this place -- I had been here before.


I was in the bankruptcy court where my hearing was to be held. I hoped to finish here as quickly as possible and then rush to the district court. The judge (a distinguished man probably in his late 50s)  was sitting on his bench. My case was called and Buckner (probably in his mid 40s) stood up. I now recalled that Buckner was a lawyer. At the last minute I had asked him to handle this case for me and he had agreed. However, I wasn't happy with what I heard. Buckner stood up and told the judge that he wasn't prepared to handle the case and that the fault was mine, because I hadn't given him the case in a timely manner.

I stood up, peeved at Buckner, but I didn't show my emotion. Instead, I turned to the judge and as politely as possible I began explaining the situation. The judge listened receptively. I explained how I had been in my helicopter and how I had been shot down. I didn't know who had fired the missile, but from my description of the event, I left the impression that I had been shot down by terrorists and that I had been serving in the war against them when the attack had occurred. I knew my explanation of events didn't explain why I wasn't prepared for trial today, but I hoped the judge would be sympathetic and allow me to postpone the case anyway.

The judge seemed impressed by my explanation and without hesitation courteously granted my request for postponement. I felt gratitude and relief. I turned to leave, hoping I could still reach the district court in time to likewise postpone the case there.

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