Dream of: 23 April 2004 (2) "Over the Edge"

Carolina and I were standing on top a building probably 10 stories high. There was no railing. A fellow with a rope tied around him was standing next to us. Suddenly he slipped and fell about two stories before the rope stopped him. Unfortunately, the rope became wrapped around one of Carolina's ankles and pulled her over the edge. I looked in horror as she dangled right in front of me, still upright. I could still reach her hand which I grabbed. If she fell she would obviously die.

I didn't know what to do. I couldn't pull her up because the rope was holding her down. And we couldn't have the fellow climb up because that might slacken the rope (which was twisted tight around her ankle) and cause her to fall. I held her hand. I couldn't let go of her hand. Maybe I should just start screaming and try to get someone's attention below.  Maybe someone would call the fire department and they could help us.

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