Dream of: 23 April 2004 "Business Ties"

I was in the living room of the 29th Street House, talking with my mother. My father and my sister were also in the room. We were going over the details of a new plan for my mother to pay my sister and me $1,000 each per month. I was planning to use part of my $1,000 to offset the payments I had been making to my mother for the two houses I had been buying from her. After deducting for those payments, I wanted my mother to use the balance of my $1,000 to pay part of the money which I was paying to my sister for my sister's share of the 29th Street House. Even after that, I would still have a small payment to make each month to my sister. All together, I figured my sister would receive about $1,394 a month from my mother, and I would receive nothing.

My sister seemed irked about something, but I couldn't tell what. Finally she mentioned something about some money which my mother had given me. I couldn't remember exactly what my sister was talking about, but I thought about $200 was involved, which seemed like a paltry amount

My brother-in-law was also standing in the background. He looked different than normal. He seemed gaunt and seemed to have aged considerably (he looked about 50 years old).

I became angry by my sister's attitude. My sister was getting ready to leave, and I wanted her to get the $1,000 check from my mother before she left, but my sister was going to leave without taking the check now. As my sister reached the door, I erupted. I told her I just wanted to finish our business ties. After that, I didn't ever want to see her again. She said that would be fine and she walked out.

As soon as she had left, my father told me I had done a good job in telling my sister how I felt. I began talking with him. I knew something else was bothering me, but I hadn't been able to remember what while my sister had been here. Now I remembered that my mother was going to give $10,000 each to my nephew David and my nephew Steven. This had upset me because my sister and I had originally agreed to having my mother split her assets between my sister and me. Now my mother was becoming sicker with Alzheimer's, and the deal had been changed -- now my sister's children would be taking part of what had been promised to me.

I told my father I also had some problems with him, that for about the last year I hadn't told him how I really felt about him because I hadn't wanted to argue with him. The bad feelings had been mounting and now I felt as if I just had to tell him I had problems with him. As soon as I had said this, he started to become angry. I thought to myself that this was exactly the reason I couldn't talk with him, because he became angry so easily.

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