Dream of: 20 April 2004 "Stella"

I had recently bought some land in a little community located atop a high hill. Various buildings were scattered over the neighboring land. My father (about 50 years old) showed up and I showed him a tractor which I had also recently bought from a man on the other side of the street. The tractor was a big old thing, something like a John Deer, only this one was rusty red. My father climbed onto the tractor and began driving. I also climbed onto the wheel frame and continued talking with him.

Two long-haired brown dogs ran alongside the tractor. One was a small young dog which I had only recently acquired. The small dog didn't know much, and I was afraid my father would run over it with one of the big tire wheels, but he didn't.

I thought my father knew a lot about tractors whereas I knew almost nothing. He drove in some steep areas, then bumped into trees and cars on purpose so the tractor would automatically change its direction, like a carnival bumper car. I was worried he would damage the cars but apparently no damage was done. I had paid around $10,000-$11,000 for the tractor and I was now concerned that I had made a bad deal. I hadn't even looked at other tractors and now I wished I had, but my father seemed satisfied with the tractor and he held up his hand in a high-five. I brushed his hand with mine. He was saying I had made a good deal, but he still needed to check the tractor more to make sure. He stopped for a bit to check on some sludge coming out of the tractor. The sludge looked gray to me, but he said the sludge was a pinkish color (which was good).

I was still sitting on the tractor when a man stepped up and made a comment about my buying up all the land there. I said that wasn't true. Then a second man stepped up and climbed onto the tractor. I held on as the second man began driving down some steep sections. I was worried the tractor might roll over, but the man seemed to know what he was doing.

Finally I climbed off and walked into a barn-like building. I entered a room on the second floor, lay down on an old dusty bed and noticed a little cabinet built into the wall. I was looking up from underneath and it looked as if part of the bottom was coming off and a little paper sack was hanging there. I was surprised to see the words "Stella" and "Cole" written on the bags. Since I knew that my great-grandmother's name was Stella and that my grandfather's name was Cole, I immediately concluded this was an old sack which used to belong to them. I pulled it out. Only about seven or eight centimeters tall, the sack was very fragile. It had some other writing on the side. I was excited, thinking my father would certainly be interested in seeing this.

I looked at the cabinet and pulled out another little bag. Then I opened the cabinet. Now I could see that there was a back panel and behind the back panel were some other things which looked as if they had been hidden there. I pulled off the fragile wood and found several rows of small items. I wondered if the people who lived there knew about this. Apparently not. I had made a discovery. I found a small sack full of golden rings, perhaps 15 rings, and other pieces of jewelry. I stuck it all in my left shirt pocket. I was probably going to keep it. I found an old can of shaving cream. It was in good shape and I thought it might be collectable. There were many more items.

I heard someone in the next room and I lay back on the bed as if I hadn't found anything. Then I got up and walked into the next room. Several small raccoons were sticking their noses through a door on the other side. They ran off. I hollered to the person in the next room, then I walked in. A boy and a woman were in there. This room was much cleaner and had all kinds of old things sitting around. Now I remembered I had actually inherited all this stuff, even the stuff I had found in the cabinet was mine.

The woman (who looked like Janice Soprano, the character played by the actress Aido Turturro in the television series "The Sopranos") said she was looking for a couple items which belonged to her. She had apparently lived there but she hadn't inherited anything and now she was bitter. She said she was looking for some "smards" which belonged to her. I wasn't sure what "smards" were, but I wasn't going to argue with her about them. Then I looked around the room. Down low on a table I saw some board games. The other fellow in the room was a boy (about 10 years old). I picked up the games and saw a couple games about movies. One game was called "James Kirk" and I figured it had to do with Star Trek. Another was "Rin Tin Tin." I picked it up and I told the fellow I collected movie board games. Prominently on the middle of the front cover were the words "Rudyard Kipling." I figured Rudyard Kipling had written the original story for "Rin Tin Tin." This board game was definitely a collectable since it displayed both the name of the show and the author's name on the cover. This game would definitely go well in my collection.

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