Dream of: 04 April 2004 "Tragatoire"

Carolina and I were riding with several people in the back of a pickup truck, headed for a country in Africa called "Tragatoire." I wasn't entirely sure where the country was. Carolina and I had once memorized the names of all African countries, but I didn't recall the name "Tragatoire." Someone in the truck said the name was new and had replaced an old name of a country.

I wondered where the name "Tragatoire" had originated. The ending "oire" sounded French. But I couldn't think of any word which would correspond to the "Tragat." I thought of the Spanish word "entregui," but I couldn't see how it could be related to the name.

Someone pulled out a map of Africa. It looked as if several African countries had new names. One country in the area of Cameroon had changed its name, but I wasn't certain that country was "Tragatoire." In central Africa another country which had been named "Acaya" had also changed its name, but I likewise wasn't sure that country was now called "Tragatoire." I finally concluded that Tragatoire was a country somewhere in southern Africa. If we intended to travel all the way to southern African, we would be on the road for at least a full day, because we were driving from northern Africa headed south.

I was also curious about the continent of Africa as it was portrayed on the map. I thought about the continent of South America, and how an isthmus connected South America to North America. I couldn't remember, however, what the northern part of Africa looked like, and whether Africa was connected to the continent above it by an isthmus.

We finally reached the border of Tragatoire and everyone climbed out of the truck. A long line of people was waiting to go through customs and we all got in line. After waiting a while, I grew bored. Nearby was a lush green field and I decided to go running. I walked over to the field and began running. It felt great. The running was a bit difficult because the grass was so high, but I managed. Another woman began running along behind me. I sped up so she couldn't pass me.

When I returned to the line, all my companions, including Carolina, had already passed through. I only had to wait a short while. I stepped up and handed my documents, including my driver's license, to the customs man. He took them and then began asking me questions. He asked something about my credit. I hesitated, then told him my credit report showed some old credit cards which I hadn't paid. I explained that the debts were no longer enforceable because the statute of limitations had run. Nevertheless I was worried the bad credit might prevent my entry into Tragatoire. The official looked at few more things, then stamped my passport and told me I could enter. I was so relieved. I picked up my things and hurried through, anxious to find Carolina.

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