Dream of: 02 April 2004 "Sterling"

I was sitting on a bus in New York City. As the bus eased through the busy streets, I took notice of the person sitting next to me on my left: a young woman (probably in her early 20s) daintily dressed in a creamy outfit. I attentively began conversing with her, found her receptive, and became more voluble. Gradually I explained that I was only in New York for the day, and I began probing into her reason for being on the bus.

Although she spoke with me, she seemed abstracted, and she never looked at me, always staring straight ahead. She was thin and very pretty, and I enjoyed her company, even though I wondered about her mental state -- she might be a bit unbalanced. She also seemed fond of me, and finally she revealed that she wasn't going anywhere, that she was simply riding around on the bus, an occupation which apparently she regularly pursued.

I presumed further and allowed my hand to touch hers. She didn't resist, and we began holding hands. Emboldened, I suggested that she spend the day with me. We could have a luscious time together touring the city. Of course (I thought to myself) I would have to cancel my other plans for the day. It seemed that I was supposed to meet a lawyer in the city and obtain some marijuana from him; but I certainly wouldn't want to take her on such a mission, she seemed so innocent.

Yes, I would much rather spend the day with her. Even though she might be missing a few marbles, she seemed elegant and refined. The day would be splendid.

I asked and she told me her name was "Sterling." I asked her how old she was. She replied, "I'm 13 ... plus 9?"

She had waited several seconds before adding "plus 9" and I had gasped out "13!" Only when I finally calculated that she was actually 22 years old was I relieved. Obviously she also had a sense of humor.

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