Dream of: 01 April 2004 "Claustrophobia"

I was talking on the phone with my father. He told me he had been sued by one of his renters (a black man) for discrimination. I couldn't understand how my father had discriminated if he had rented the house to the black man. My father explained that he had three rental houses, and the black man was complaining that he (the black man) was being charged more for his house than the white people in the other two houses were paying. Now I began to understand.

As I had been talking, I had been looking outside through a window, and suddenly I saw a tornado had formed on the horizon. I wanted to talk longer with my father, but I hurriedly blurted out that I saw a "black tornado" coming toward me, and I had to go. My father sounded worried when he heard what I had said, but he seemed to understand that I needed to leave, and I hung up.

I rushed outside. I was in Waco, Texas, living in a two-story building in which I had recently rented an apartment on the ground floor. Other people were standing around my house, looking at the approaching tornado, which loomed ever larger. The people were also looking toward the rear of my building, where another tornado was apparently approaching.

I knew I must immediately find shelter. Thinking that a nearby building had a basement, I headed in that direction. Unexpectedly, however, I could hardly advance -- the wind was already so strong, the force prevented my advance. I struggled in vain to move forward, increasingly aware how close the tornado was. I had to do something. Finally, I saw that I could jump down from where I was to a lower level on my right. I jumped down, and found myself in a much more serene atmosphere.

Several people were calmly walking along listening to a man (around 50 years old) speak. I joined them and the man (a tour guide) led us into a gigantic cave. The cave seemed more like the inside of a huge building, with the impressive walls constructed of huge beige blocks of rock. I felt much safer there; surely the tornado wouldn't be able to harm me if I were inside this cave.

As the tour guide explained how and when the cave had been built, I wondered why I had never heard of this cave when I had lived in Waco many years ago. I would definitely have to visit this site again and if my father ever visited me in Waco, I would need to bring him here -- the place was splendid.

As we continued along, the cave became narrower and narrower, until finally the people ahead of me began squeezing through a tiny hole. When a woman squeezed through, and the man with her dallied, I stepped in front of him and squeezed through the hole. As soon as I was inside the hole, however, I couldn't see the people who had entered ahead of me. Instead, I only saw a dead-end right in front of me. The floor and walls seemed to consist of a white salt-like substance. The space was confining. Unable to go forward, I backed out of the hole.

The people behind me were still trying to climb through the hole. I moved to the side to let them pass me. I just wanted out of here. Now, however, the people were in my way, and the space was so narrow, I couldn't get past them. I was beginning to feel claustrophobic, almost close to panic. I sat down, trying to calm myself.

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