Dream of: 30 March 2004 "Hallucination"

Carolina (about 30 years old) had begun arguing with me. Apparently she had been having trouble finding a job and was blaming it on me, accusing me of having ruined her credit report. She finally became angry and left to go to her mother's.

I was doing some work on the computer, sitting in front of the computer. After about an hour, I was surprised to hear Carolina's voice behind me. She was lying on a bed pushed right up to the back of my chair. Her attitude had completely changed. She was not only friendly, she was amorous, and wanted to make love. She was lying on her stomach, completely naked.

I was utterly surprised to see that she had returned. I was glad I had been working when she returned and not wasting my time with some frivolity. However, I simply couldn't believe she was here, and I told her I thought she was an hallucination. I believed that. I thought somehow I was hallucinating and she wasn't really in the room.

To verify whether I was correct, I wanted to see her car. I stood up, walked to the front door of the house and stepped outside into the front yard. Cars were parked all up and down the street, but I couldn't see Carolina's car anywhere. I heard her voice again and turned around to see her standing outside in the doorway. She was still completely naked and she looked extremely alluring. Her hirsute black pubic region was especially erotic. However, I wondered whether she should be outside here where people could see her. She hollered that her car was parked around the corner where I couldn't see it.

I still was unconvinced that she wasn't an hallucination, especially since I hadn't even seen the car. I wasn't going to go around the corner, however, so I stepped back to Carolina and we walked back inside. Hallucination or not, she seemed real and she seemed extremely sexy. We walked down the hallway together. I was definitely going to make love to her. I might even try something different, maybe anal sex, something I had never done in my entire life. She seemed as if she would be willing to try anything.

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