Dream of: 28 March 2004 "Samuel Adams"

I was standing in a bar of a resort. Several young women (probably in their mid 20s) were standing to my left. When I ordered a drink, the black-haired woman next to me politely asked if I would order her one. I did so. I also ordered a beer for us both. I was already feeling exuberant. I told the bartender (a woman likewise probably in her mid 20s) that I couldn't remember the name of the beer I wanted, but the brand had a person's name, something like "Margaret Wilson" (a name I thought had also belonged to one of my classmates in high school). I thought it peculiar that the beer had the same name as a former classmate (actually I was trying to think of the name of "Samuel Adams").

The bartender finally spoke a name; I said that was the one and she gave me a bottle. I also told the bartender to give me a glass of ice. Instead, she gave me a pitcher of ice water. I proceeded to pour out the water into a glass and I asked the bartender to give me a glass to pour the ice in. She was polite and friendly and she realized she had made a mistake by giving me a pitcher instead of a glass. She gave me the glass, I poured the ice into the glass, and then I poured the beer over the ice. I explained that I liked the foam created when the beer was poured on the ice, and I took a drink.

I had also bought a beer for the woman next to me. The bartender gave me back my change which looked like silver foreign coins. I told her to give them to the woman next to me.

The woman next to me became ever more friendly. I was enjoying myself immensely. I was sure the woman would let me kiss her if I wanted and I was beginning to believe I would probably have sex with her tonight. I felt so attracted to her, I only wished we weren't meeting briefly, never to see each other again. Many people had passed through my life that way. I wished that after tonight I could see more of her. Obviously we were compatible. But even if I only saw her tonight, I would  certainly enjoy her company.

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