Dream of: 27 March 2004 "Pennies In The Creek"

I was on the Gallia County Farm, walking in Symmes Creek, in a section of the Creek less than knee-deep, about 20-30 meters downstream from the bridge which crosses the Creek in front of the Farmhouse. The water was so clear, I could see perfectly to the shallow bottom. Little rocks were scattered all over the floor of the Creek, which seemed more like a tiny stream than the actual Creek.

I noticed a penny on the creek bed, picked it up and showed it to another fellow also walking in the Creek. He had likewise found some pennies. I looked, found more pennies and as I threw them into a pile, I realized most were the old wheat-ear pennies. I mentioned the fact to the fellow and he said the pennies were old because they were washed up here from the Ohio River and it took years and years for them to reach this point. He also gave an explanation of why only pennies and no other coins reached this point.

I continued finding more pennies. I also found a gold-colored French franc and I wondered why it had been able to pass to here. I thought it must be old because I knew French money had changed and francs were no longer used.

Finally I realized that since these pennies were old, they might be valuable. Since had I collected these types of pennies as a child, I still had an idea of which ones were valuable. I mentioned the value of the pennies to the other fellow and he said a "1910 AC" was the most valuable. I told him I had never heard of that. I knew about a "1909 VDB" being valuable, but I had never heard of a "1910 AC."

I looked at one of my pennies -- a "1938 D"; but someone had tried to change the date and put a newer date on the penny. I rubbed the penny and the newer date fell off, leaving the 1938 date. I was uncertain the penny was worth anything. I would need a coin-price book.

I began imagining going to a book store to buy a coin-price book. My imagination became so strong, I actually found myself in such a store. I found a blue book with coin prices and I thought I would probably buy it.

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