Dream of: 26 March 2004 "Divided Estate"

My wife Carolina had been in my father's house and had found his will. She hadn't had time to study the will in detail, but she was able to see the most significant parts. After I asked her about it, she told me my father was dividing his estate into seven parts -- one for my sister, one for me, one for each of his three grandchildren (my sister's children) and one each for his two step-sons (my step-mother's two sons, Steve and Ray). I asked Carolina if she had seen anything about the Gallia County Farm in the will, and she said there was a special clause giving me a life estate in the Farm.

I was upset to hear about the will. I would only be receiving one seventh of the estate and I would only receive a life estate in the Farm, not the actual title to the Farm. I was especially upset to think my father would be giving an equal portion to my step-mother's two sons. Obviously my step-mother had exerted considerable influence to achieve this result. This was particularly galling since my step-mother would also be receiving the new Hilltop House which my father had recently built.

I was also upset that my sister's children would each receive an equal share as I. That meant my sister and her progeny would receive the lion's share of everything.

I had been relegated to such a small portion, I almost felt like telling my father I didn't want anything.


I was sitting in the kitchen of the Hilltop House (only this was a gigantic mansion, a much larger house than the actual House). Dozens of people were milling about inside the House. I was surprised to see my father's second wife Kay (who looked about 35 years old) as well as his old girlfriend Christa (who looked about 50). Kay was walking around the kitchen while Christa was sitting across from me at the table. Apparently people had come to see the new Hilltop House, and many people from my father's past had shown up. Since my father (who was in the next room) always enjoyed having a throng of people around, I thought he must be relishing the gathering.

Food was piled on the table. Apparently my father was footing the bill for everything. It looked as if he had decided to run through his money in his final years. I didn't mind that -- if he wanted to spend his money that was his business. But I still felt wounded about the details of his will.

This house was magnificent. Unfortunately it would go to my step-mother. However, I thought I might as well try to enjoy it there while I could. Perhaps I could invite up my old high school buddies, Anderson or Buckner, and we could go mountain climbing in the range of mountains back behind the House.


My father and I had boarded a car which he was driving. We were riding around the top of the hills where the Hilltop House sat. I was surprised to see rows of new houses up there. Apparently my father had extensively developed the area. Most houses were tall two-story frames. My father said the houses sold for $200,000-$300,000 each. I thought that sounded cheap.


When we arrived at a building, instead of my father, his mother Mabel (only about 50 years old) was with me. When I expressed my concern to her about my father's will, she was sympathetic. At the moment, however, she was leading me to a shower stall because she wanted me to take a shower. The building was apparently a type of dormitory and I could see bunk beds with people sleeping in them in the same room as the shower stall. I felt uncomfortable there, but I began undressing in the stall so I could take my shower.

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