Dream of: 17 March 2004 "Eusebius"

I stopped by a second-hand book store which I had previously visited, hoping I might find some movie paraphernalia to buy. I thought I might look through the children's book. I walked to a table with small books and found some "Batman" books, but I wasn't interested in those.

I noticed some other tables which weren't normally in the store. Many people were passing through the tables carrying boxes and sacks of books. I realized a sale was in progress. I wished I had known before so I could have been here on time. I quickly walked over to the tables.

A sign on the wall said the books were $1 each. That seemed a bit expensive, but maybe I could find something worthwhile. I found a section of books where no one else was browsing. I picked up one old book and leafed through it. It was written by the ancient writer, Eusebius. I had heard of him, but I had never read anything by him. I sat down and began reading. The book was history and proved to be extremely interesting. I couldn't seem to stop reading.

I was, however, aware of my surroundings and I noticed that along with the books, several other items had been brought in for sale. I assumed that someone had collected these books and other items throughout his life, and when he had died, the owner of this store had bought everything. (I wondered how the books had been stored and how many had suffered damage). I thought the store owner must be an industrious fellow to have transported all this stuff to the store for sale.

One item caught my attention: a ramp -- like a wheelchair ramp which might be found along some stairs leading into a building. Peculiarly, however, this ramp was entirely constructed of glass. I examined it. It was intricately assembled in sections. Obviously a great deal of work had been expended to bring the delicate structure into the store and assemble it here.

I returned to my reading.

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