Dream of: 16 March 2004 "Being Wary"

I was driving a car in which Carolina was riding in the front passenger seat. We were on a trip from Texas to Ohio. We were headed north, but we weren't following any particular route, not even the main highways, but were traveling little back-roads and side-ways. We passed a field on our left with hundreds of wild geese, a bit smaller than Canadian geese and with lighter markings. I pointed them out to Carolina, but she didn't see them. We continued on and I absentmindedly drove through a flat field. Without problem I steered back onto the road.

When we finally reached a highway, Carolina pulled out  a map and announced that this was Interstate 1, the main road on which we would turn east to Ohio. I now recalled that we had previously often taken this highway, reaching it by various meandering routes, just as we had done this time.

When I turned onto the highway, it was more like a congested city street -- the traffic was so heavy I could hardly get on. Most traffic was coming toward us, and cars coming toward us were even in our lane.

Suddenly (as if I were watching a newscast on television) I could see part of the problem. I vividly saw an attractive black-haired woman (probably in her mid 30s) sitting behind the steering wheel of a car. Her husband was sitting in the back seat and her daughter next to her in the front seat (I couldn't clearly see the husband and daughter). Suddenly, the woman pulled out a handgun, pointed it over her shoulder toward the back seat and fired at her husband. She then turned the gun toward her daughter and fired (I couldn't see whether the woman had hit either husband or daughter; her shots were so erratic I thought she might have missed). The woman then placed then barrel of the gun in her mouth.

Now I was watching very intently. Was I actually going to see this attractive woman blow out the back of her head right here in front of me? The woman hesitated, then pulled the gun out of her mouth. Now she placed the gun under her chin, as if she had decided to simply shoot herself from that position. She looked undecided, however, as if she simply couldn't pull the trigger.

By this point I was standing outside the woman's car, right next to her open window. I deftly reached inside, grabbed the gun and wrested it from her -- she offered little resistance. Other people rushed up and soon the woman was out of the car. She pulled off her blouse so she was nude from the waist up, but her back was turned toward me so I couldn't see her chest.

General chaos ensued, and in the process, the woman walked away down the sidewalk. When people noticed that she was escaping, someone hollered to grab her, and two men ran after her. One man grabbed her right arm and the other grabbed her left. Together the two men began pulling her across a field.

I didn't want to be left out -- I thought I had a role to play here -- so I also ran to the woman and grabbed her arm around her right bicep (the men were holding her wrists). Now, as we three men began pulling her across the field, the woman turned her face to me (I still couldn't see her breasts) and shot me a look of utter hatred -- obviously she knew I was the one who had taken her gun from her. At the same time, she unsuccessfully tired to kick me several times.

By now Carolina had joined us and was walking along beside me. I pointed out to Carolina that the woman was trying to kick me. I also began to worry somewhat: would the woman try to find out where I lived and retaliate against me? I might have to change my address. For the present I probably wouldn't have to worry, because the woman would be spending some time in  jail. However, I would need to be wary.

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