Dream of: 07 March 2004 "Circle Dance"

My father and I were on the second floor of the Gay Street House. The House was being remodeled and the rooms were empty. Another man with us was going to work on the remodeling. A second man (probably 30 years old) showed up. He was stubble-faced and shabbily dressed. He walked into the room smoking a cigarette, which he threw on a pile of cloth. I immediately took umbrage. I could clearly see the red glow on the cigarette. I rushed over to my father and told him what had happened, but my father seemed uninterested and when I looked back at the fellow, he was heading toward the cigarette, obviously intending to put it out and hide his act. I stopped him and a short struggle ensued. My father stepped up and the man and I separated. I blurted out to my father that either this man must leave or I would leave. When my father hesitated, I turned and stormed out of the room. I wasn't going to work as long as that man was around.

I went downstairs to the office on the Eighth Street side, where I found my sister (about 20 years old) sitting behind a desk. I began talking to her and told her I was upset because I had learned she had been dating Arthur Swanigan (a tenant of a house I owned). I knew Swanigan was a complete reprobate, a tattooed criminal. I insisted that she stop dating him. She was coy, refusing to commit herself. Finally she mentioned something about her and me having a child together. I sat down next to her and listened. Apparently her attitude toward me had changed and she wanted us to have an intimate relationship. I told her that if we had a child, we would have to live together. She smiled and indicated that was what she wanted. Under the desk I placed one of my feet on one of her feet and she placed her other foot on mine. This was a confirmation that she wanted us to become physical.

As she and I had been talking, the office had filled up with perhaps 30 other people. They were all sitting around the perimeter of the room, and all seemed to be somehow connected to my father and his business. The fellow from upstairs wasn't there, however, and I learned he had been fired. I was relieved.

We were all sitting in a circle. Everyone began standing up. The woman on my right put her arm around my shoulder and I put my arm around my sister's shoulder on my left. It appeared everyone else did the same with the people next to them until we formed an interconnected circle. Some music could be heard. It appeared we were going to do a circle dance.

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