Dream of: 04 March 2004 "Jazz And Religion"

I was sitting in a room where I was presently living. The habitation seemed to consist of only one room, comfortable but sparse. There were no walls. I was at a table working on a computer, along one side of room were arranged some old long-playing records with dark blue labels. I put one of the records on and old phonograph and began playing it.

The music (which seemed scratchy at time from the old needle) began. It seemed to be a combination of jazz and religion. A woman was singing. This type of music was rare, hardly anyone knew about it, but I had collected it. The music seemed beautiful to me and it seemed to reflect my personality.

My sister (probably in her early 20s) was also in the room. She had sat down and was working on something. She hardly ever visited me -- we had almost nothing in common and so I was surprised to see her here. She seemed to be enjoying the music. I thought maybe she would get a glimpse of my personality if she listened to it.

I liked this place and I might stay here for a while. It was quiet and peaceful and I could work here. I might bring some other more popular record albums here and place them against the wall and listen to them at times also.

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