Dream of: 02 March 2004 (2) "Cookie Factory"

I had recently met an elderly man who liked me. We became friends and he decided to make me his heir. He owned a valuable cookie company and he decided to leave the cookie factory to me, and cut out his daughter. 

I was a bit concerned about the situation, because the previous day the man and I had had a confrontation with the board of directors of the cookie factory. I decided to talk with Smith (an attorney in Portsmouth, Ohio). I walked into the next office building where Smith's office was located. I looked at my wrist watch, which was upside down. I thought the watch said twenty to five, so Smith should still be in his office. 

I met Smith in the hall. He was dressed in a suit and was carrying an umbrella. He pointed the umbrella at me when he saw me and I asked him if he could spare 10 minutes. He said he couldn't because he was in a hurry to get somewhere. I walked along beside him and he began to feel guilty and asked me if I really only needed 10 minutes. I said yes and I started talking. 

I told him about the man and the cookie factory. I said the man's office was in the neighboring building and the cookie factory was only one block away. Smith seemed interested. I told him the man intended to leave the cookie factory to me. Then I got to the heart of the problem and told him about the board of directors and the daughter. I was worried that since the board was still in control they might take some adverse action. Smith seemed to think I could prevail (I could sense it), but he also saw the problem with the daughter being cut out and my becoming the sole heir. He seemed to agree that something needed to be done immediately.

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