Dream of: 02 March 2004 "The Razor's Edge"

I was standing outside as people began arriving for a party. One arriving woman (in her mid 20s) looked somewhat like Drew Barrymore, and I immediately recognized her as having played a role in the movie The Razor's Edge. It even seemed as if this party were itself a scene from the movie. When I approached the woman and told  her she looked good, she seemed flattered. I told her I had read the book, The Razor's Edge. As she left me and walked inside, I thought to myself that I hadn't intended to deceive her, but that I had actually only seen the movie and not read the book. 

I was happy to see Sussie (a sweetheart with whom I had a relationship in high school) arrive. She seemed like an old friend. Probably in her early 20s, she was quite sexy. Sussie and I walked inside together, sat down on the floor and hugged. 

The actress was in the room, now with another man, but she seemed to want to be with me. I broke away from Sussie and approached the actress, who seemed to be expecting something from me. Some other people were sitting near us and we all began talking. 

Although I had been having a good time at first, I was beginning to experience a spiritual struggle. I wanted to talk about something worthwhile, but I was afraid of making a fool of myself. I wanted to talk about my existence, about why I existed. Unable to refrain any longer, I broached the subject. I explained that I felt as if I had a reason for being there, but I didn't know what that reason was. 

A fellow sitting about five meters away over to my right began talking. He quoted lines from a couple books. A second fellow near him also spoke. Since these two fellows were so far away (not a part of the little group with which I was talking), I had difficulty hearing them, but I hesitated to leave my group to go to them. Clearly however, I had more in common with the two fellows, and finally I stood up, walked over to them, and asked them the central question, why are we here?

Our conversation caught fire and I blurted out, "What about Dante?" I asked if his "journey through heaven and hell" had any relevance today. I continued my inquiry, referencing the Greek playwrights "Aristophanes, Euripides, and Sophocles." 

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