Dream of: 25 February 2004 "Train Tunnel"

My father and I were standing in a tunnel through which a train track was being installed. My father had come to examine the track because it was leading to the basement of a building he owned (a big office building in a town, probably five or six stories). He explained to me that he was unhappy with the progress of the installation of the track. He had already completed the work in the basement of his building for the track to arrive, but the fumbling government was in charge of laying this track here and the work was proceeding slowly.

He told me that once the train began arriving in his building, the building would serve as a depot and after arriving at the building on the train, people would be able to take buses from the building. The project had enormous potential. He went on, however, to describe some of the other problems with the business. The building needed a new flat black roof, which he said would cost about $7,000. That was very expensive. He also complained about the taxes. Nevertheless, he thought he would do well with the business.

I had walked all the way there and it was now time for me to leave. My mother was standing and waiting for me by a door near the entrance to the tunnel. She and I would have to walk quite a distance to return to where we had come. She had Alzheimer's; she seemed frail and haggard. Nevertheless my father didn't offer to give us a ride -- he was too busy with his affairs. He took his leave, heading back through the tunnel to his building.

I thought about what I must do to get to where we were going. Then I remembered I had a problem: I was presently serving a short stint in the local jail. I would be released soon, but when I left here, I would still have to report back to the jail before continuing on with my mother. That would mean that she would have to wait for me. I worried about that, because I wasn't sure how long she would have to wait while I remained in my cell. I could already imagine myself being in the cell and being unable to get anyone to come to me. My poor mother would just be waiting. I tried to formulate another plan so I could take my mother home without having to go to jail first.

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