Dream of: 23 February 2004 "Stories Of Krishna"

I was sitting in the living room of a house. My aunt Jesse was in the room with her five children all daughters. They probably ranged in age from eight to fifteen. They were all dressed in white and all seemed polite and proper. I had been reading a book and not paying much attention to the group; now, however, I realized I should talk with them. I sometimes avoided engaging in conversation with people, but I thought now I should try to talk with my cousins.

I didn't want to simply engage in small talk, however. I figured all five girls had been indoctrinated in the Bible and they probably knew little about any subjects outside the Bible. Maybe I could talk with them about some other religion. I quickly decided on Hinduism. They probably wouldn't know anything about Hinduism and they would probably be disinclined to learn anything. If I told the story well, however, I might be able to grab their interest. I began thinking about Krishna, trying to recall the stories which I knew, so I could present them in an interesting way to the girls.

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